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Everyone talks about them, but what does a Doula do? 

A Doula (from the Greek word for woman servant or caregiver), is a non-medical, specifically trained professional who offers families continuous, non-judgemental emotional, physical and educational one-on-one support during pregnancy, all throughout birth and beyond.

Labour/Birth Doula: Be it your first or your fifth baby, a Labour or Birth Doula offers you and your partner advice and support during pregnancy, birth and immediately postpartum.  A Doula brings to the table what overloaded medical system cannot:

  • Reassurance, encouragement to find your voice and evidence based information

  • Providing a continuous presence

  • Helping you and your partner work through fears and self-doubt

  • Giving your partner a break during labour and birth or helping them understand what’s happening

  • Debrief after birth

Postpartum Doula: After the birth of your baby, a Postpartum Doula offers you and your growing family advice and support by providing practical care, including sibling care, to optimise the transition into your new every day life through:

  • Wellbeing Support

  • Guiding Infant Care

  • Sleep

  • Family Support and Sibling Care

  • Specialist Referrals


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Do you fancy coffee (there’s always decaf, right?) and chats?

Or do you have questions around your pregnancy and birth?

Did you just have your baby and now have questions around feeding and all things postpartum?

Come and join us for the monthly Pregnancy & Birth Meet Up in Wexford! Ask your questions and share your experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Next meet up:

We’re currently taking a little break for the summer, check back for updates in September!