Birth Support Workshop

This is a workshop specifically designed for couples, dads, partners, mums and even friends want to be involved in the birth process and a great opportunity for them to learn how they can help and support you! Get the top tips on how to plan for all types of birth and feel prepared and empowered.

Learn and practice:

  • How to support the birthing woman with coping techniques

  • Labour positions

  • How to communicate with medical staff

This fun, easy class is two hours long with the goal to build up your knowledge and confidence around labour and birth so that you feel confident and your birthing experience is the best it can be. 


Birth Preference Planning Session

Having a set of Birth Preferences has a number of benefits, most of all that it helps you to educate yourself on the options that are available to you for your labour and birth. Birth Preferences are also a wonderful tool to help you communicate effectively with your care providers! While having written out your preferences does not guarantee a certain outcome or birthing experience, it does help towards you feeling involved and in control of the process. We will also create what if scenarios and a Plan B, should things not go according to the original plan. Creating your Birth Preferences is your opportunity to inform yourself about all your options and make the best choices for you and your family.

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